Training Philosophy
At Athletes Peak, we are committed to the development of each and every athlete. After years of coaching, Athletes Peak realizes that everyone is different and it takes different methods to successfully coach each individual. In order for each athlete to be successful, he or she must be committed to the program, strive to work as hard as possible, and want to improve. Our program has proved extremely effective because of each athlete's willingness to learn, to work hard and to have fun!

Sports Performance classes will emphasize the importance of proper running mechanics, form, technique, and posture. Athletes will become faster, stronger and more explosive as well as work to prevent injuries by learning how to run correctly.

Athletes who are trying to play professionally or work towards earning a scholarship or just simply trying to improve their spot on the team can be sure that Athletes Peak will work for them! We will constantly teach, educate, and coach each athlete on the fundamentals of running. Our goal is for each athlete reach the top of their game on any playing field!
Athletes Peak is proud to partner with the following organizations and is the official Speed and Agility Coach for:

Millstone Eagles Pop Warner Football

Cherokee High School Field Hockey